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About Us

ElleSD founders Meriem Semlali-Broby & Flora Mascolo
ELLEƧD is the fashion forward brainchild of friends Flora Mascolo and Meriem Semlali-Broby. In mid 2014, they saw a gap in the market for a brand that focused solely on luxury leather clothes for women. Using the powerful combination of business and fashion: ELLEƧD’s mission is to create confident clothing of a very high quality, that’s timeless and exudes sex appeal.

The founders both share an interesting back-story that led them to begin this journey: Flora grew up in Paris and as a child was entranced by the pages of fashion magazines and dreamed of one-day being part of the fashion world. In her 20’s she moved to the US after marrying Guy Mascolo (Toni&Guy; global hairdressing empire). Surrounded by a creative atmosphere, Flora knew she wanted to make something special and unique just for women; using the inspiration of cultures she discovered from travelling the world. In 2011 Flora moved to London where she met Meriem. Meriem grew up in exotic Marrakech and moved to Paris when she was eighteen for university. After studying, she landed a job working for a prestigious real estate investment management company. Four years later she relocated to London for work and to join her husband, Danish architect and designer Max Broby. Influenced by the imaginative mind of her husband, Meriem too wanted to create something distinctive and empowering for women. After meeting, the two instantly connected on their love for fashion and design, and a few years later ELLEƧD was born.

The name in itself: ELLE; She in French, Ƨ for Style and D for Design pushes back barriers and screams something of a daring and provocative nature.

ELLEƧD is an ethical company and believe in fair trade. We only use finely sourced, high quality lambskin leather that’s crafted by hand. Leather is powerful; strong, confident and stylish – just like the women that wear ELLEƧD. Popular designs such as the leather trousers use a combination of leather and stretch materials to create a seductive silhouette of elegance. Dressed up or down ELLEƧD creations are timeless and classic, with staple pieces in the collection that are available all year round. ELLEƧD’s forward thinking creative edge is what sets it apart from other brands and will ensure that ELLEƧD will stand the test of time in years to come.

ELLEƧD continues to push the fashion barriers to develop the company on an international scale. Flora and Meriem are very passionate about ELLEƧD and see the company vastly expanding to become a staple brand in the UK and throughout the world.